Why RFSU Condoms from Sweden?

If you haven't tried a condom manufactured by RFSU of Sweden - you haven't tried the best. RFSU condoms are the sales leaders in nine European countries for a reason - Quality. Not only do their condoms surpass all European and American quality control standards, they're made from the highest quality, natural latex available today. This is why RFSU condoms are durable yet they feel unbelievably soft and truly luxurious. The unbeatable choice in both comfort AND protection; as well as being vegan safe!

Today there are many companies that want to take social responsibility, for example by making their activities more environmentally-friendly or supporting deserving projects. In the case of RFSU, it is social responsibility that came frst, followed by business activities to fnance non-proft work. RFSU has its own factory in Hälsingland, where the condoms are packed and tested in their accredited laboratory.

RFSU reaches 4 of 7 continents and runs cooperation projects in Africa, Asia and South America. They also work to infuence decision-makers, from local politicians to UN level. Through sex information, education and advocacy, we can overcome prejudices, bridge the knowledge gap and improve sexual health around the world.

This is why O!ZoneWholesale imports RFSU condoms from Sweden. We want the American people to beneft from the technology and innovation that RFSU has to offer.

American Importer & Legal FDA Registrant

In 2004, O!ZoneWholesale became the American representative for RFSU in the United States, and the legal FDA registrant; as condoms are categorized as a Class 2 Medical Devices. RFSU was the creator of the "triple test": air, burst and tensile strength tests the FDA incorporates today. We want our fellow Americans to thoroughly enjoy their sexual relations and be safe at the same time O!ZoneWholesale strictly abides by all FDA regulations, fees and importation laws per government specifcations.

What Makes A Condom Vegan?

Although all condoms must meet strict standards of quality and effcacy to be sold for protection of unwanted pregnancies or disease; not all condoms are compounded similarly. RFSU condoms are 'vegan safe', which means no animal byproducts are used in manufacturing or testing. RFSU condoms are made with only the highest quality, natural rubber latex. However, many condom manufacturers compound with the ingredient 'casein'; a dairy byproduct used as a lower grade elasticity ingredient. The elasticity in RFSU is made using only latex, thus creating a high quality, pure latex, 'vegan' condom.

O!ZoneWholesale Vegan Certifcation

In 2005, O!ZoneWholesale pursued vegan certification through Vegan Action to meet the increasing demand as consumer interest began to increase regarding ingredients and quality. RFSU condoms were the first vegan certified condoms in the US market by Vegan Action.

RFSU Vegan Condoms

RFSU premium, vegan certifed condoms offer a superior fit, feel and protection. The fit and feel of any condom, is relative to one's personal preferences and RFSU offers four condom styles for customer selection.

The beautifully discreet, bio-degradable package shows the condom image and information on the front, making it easy for the consumer to choose. Each package contains ten individually wrapped, lubricated condoms.

O!ZoneWholesale is pleased to bring an original, premium condom to discerning consumers in America. Whether vegan or not, RFSU is an exceptional choice in personal protection.

Have Fun...Be Safe....Make Love!